Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Playlist link up

Mar had a great idea for a linkup to talk about favorites on our playlist.  I definitely enjoy modern pop music like Justin Timberlake, Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc. but I'm going to list some songs below that are a little older and still give me extra pep in my step :)

1.  Guns N' Roses - Welcome to the Jungle
2.  Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody
3. Wale - Chillin' 
4.  Shakira and Wyclef -  Hips Don't Lie
5.  Starship - We Built This City
6.  Prince - 1999
7.  M.I.A - Paper Planes
8.  Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks
9.  The Guild - I'm the one That's Cool
10.  Michael Jackson - Bad

Talk about pep in my step!  Any favorites on your playlist I should check out?  I basically just have one long playlist that I always play on random.  It's different for each run but it might be time for a refresh.