Monday, February 10, 2014

Week in review

It was a decent fitness week.  Monday was a rest day.  Tuesday was the track work out with the group.  We did 20 minutes total with a 1 minute walk break in the middle.  No guest speaker today so it went by very quickly.

Wednesday was a strength training day.  Thursday was supposed to be a run on the treadmill day but my thighs were sore from Wednesday's squats and lunges.  Therefore, I changed my schedule up a bit and decided to do yoga on Thursday instead of run.  I did a YouTube video for strengthening yoga.  It was a fairly good core workout but I probably won't do that one again.  I didn't enjoy the instructor's style.  Perry didn't seem to like it either since he kept trying to knock me over!

Friday was a rest day again.  Saturday was a group run and we actually ended up running 3.1 miles!  It's a little strange since we're training for a 5k at the end of March.  One of the coaches said that we would probably be up to 5 miles by the time the training group ended.  This run went ok but I had a contact lens pop out eat the beginning of the run.  I stopped to put it in and had to run a bit faster to catch back up with the group.  I think that might have tired me out a bit more than usual.  The intervals this week were 6 minutes running to 1 minute walking.

Sunday I ran in my neighborhood in the morning.  It was a really short run according to the training schedule, 5 intervals of 4 minutes running and 1 minute walking.  I was done in 25 minutes.  It was a fun run that went pretty well in spite of the cold.

I did notice that some houses had not taken down their holiday decorations, but it added nice little splashes of color to an otherwise gloomy day.  In fact, it started snowing again this afternoon.  I'm really ready for Winter to end.

Next week, the plan is to rest on Monday, run on Tuesday, strength training on Wednesday, rest on Thursday, run on Friday and Saturday and end with strength training on Sunday.  Anyone have exciting plans for the week or Valentine's Day?