Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly review

I took it easy the beginning part of the week to give my knee a rest. I skipped the Tuesday track workout but I did a lot of stretching, foam rolling, and iced my knee every day.

I felt better by Thursday so went to the gym after work. The treadmills and ellipticals were all full so I started out in the bike. I still didn't have full range of motion in my knee and the degree to which I had to bend my knee on the bike made it start hurting :( Thankfully, one of the ellipticals freed up so I got off the bike and claimed it. I had a decent work out on there and my knee felt pretty good afterward. 

More resting on Friday and then I went out running with the group Saturday morning. We were doing intervals of 12 minutes running and 1 minute walking. I was fine for the first three intervals but my knee started hurting during the 4th running interval. So I walked a little extra during the 5th interval and ended up walking the 6th interval entirely since I wanted to be careful with the knee.  My runkeeper also died part of the way through :(

It was an out and back route, and it looks like 3 miles out so we must have done around 6 miles total. I think I ended up walking the last mile to mile and a half.  This was the farthest I'd ever gone and I was sore afterward, even though I walked some of it. Therefore, more stretching, icing and foam rolling. I woke up Sunday morning with my legs feeling pretty good and minimal soreness.

Sunday evening I did some yoga. I definitely have to try to be better about incorporating yoga back into my weekly routine for the strength training and stretching.  The good news is I felt a lot better after the

The plan for next week is running Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday. I'm planning on yoga Wednesday and Saturday with stretching every day. I'm hoping that the predicted snow we get on Tuesday is minimal. I hope everyone has a good week!