Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekly review

My weekly review is a day late but today counts as the first day of the week since yesterday was a holiday, right? I had a great week which included a long weekend in Las Vegas!

Monday and Wednesday were rest days.  Tuesday was a run with the running group at our usual spot. As you can see, it isn't the usual heart shaped route. 

 A half marathon training group has also started using the park on Tuesday evenings and it is a large group! They split up into several smaller groups and they went in all different direction so it was hard to avoid them. After a while we just stepped to the side and waited while the groups passed us, which explains the slow time.

Half marathon training group beginning to gather.

Thursday was another run at the same park, this time solo.  And it went much better due to the lack of large groups of runners taking up the whole sidewalk.

Friday morning we left for Vegas.  No specific work outs but a lot of walking! My fitbit indicated that we had way more than 10,000 steps every day while we were in Vegas.  Saturday, I also went for a run in the morning.  It went pretty well and I'll be writing more about it later since it was my first run while on vacation.

Sunday was yoga by the pool at the hotel.  I loved that they offered this for free. The instructor was from a local yoga studio and there were only 4 of us there for the class so it was a nice, small size.  The instructor indicated that she usually taught bikram yoga and the class was a mix of flow yoga and bikram.  It was a great way to start the morning.

The gorgeous view during our yoga practice.

I hope that everyone had a good weekend!