Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Mine was nice and relaxing which was appreciated after being away last weekend.  Work ended up being pretty busy since I was catching up from a couple days away.  Therefore, I wasn't able to get away for yoga during lunch but made it up at home.  It was a good workout week overall.

Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was strength training at home in the evening. Wednesday was track work with the training group again.  It was 5 laps (400m each lap) with a 2 minute walk in between each lap. I also did a lap for warm up and a lap for cool down (not included in the garmin stats below).

There was a youth group using the track and they were a really big group.  They were also really unruly and kind of all over the track.  So there was more weaving around than there should be for a track workout.  This group is supposed to be there for the next three weeks so our coach decided we would move to another high school for those weeks.

Thursday was running at the gym at work in the evening. I forgot my knee brace so I did 30 minutes on the elliptical.  I felt pretty good afterward so went ahead and did 15 minutes (around a mile) on the treadmill as well. I apologize for the blurriness of the 2nd photo.

Friday was another rest day.  Saturday, Mike and I did 60 minutes of DDP yoga at home.  I definitely felt it in my thighs and hamstrings the next day. 

Sunday was my first long run with the training group.  It was a beautiful morning, around the mid 60s though a bit humid.  There was another girl who ran around the same pace as me and was also doing run walk intervals so we ran the first half together using 4/1 intervals. It was an out and back and she decided to turn back after 20 minutes since she was having some IT band issues. I kept going for another 5 minutes and turned around. I got back to the parking lot having done 3.6 miles.  I still felt good so decided to go out and back again for a couple minutes to make it 4 miles.

The plan for this week is rest on Monday, yoga on Tuesday, Track workout on Wednesday, yoga on Thursday, run on Friday, run on Saturday and rest on Sunday. We're flying to Ohio on Thursday evening  to spend the 4th of July weekend with my family there so I'll have a couple runs while I there.