Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly review

Today's my birthday! I had a great weekend. Mike made me french toast one morning and homemade oatmeal cream pies. Yum. We got together with friends later that evening and took the cream pies so I wouldn't eat them all. And Friday evening, I got a gift from my parents in the mail.

I'm so excited to use this more and learn about all the features.

As far as the working out the beginning of the week was a bit of a loss as I was at a conference. I tried to eat relatively healthy but didn't manage to get a workout in.  I had my first workout of the week on Thursday, a run on the treadmill at work.

I had about a 5.5 mile run on Saturday morning.  I used both the garmin and runkeeper in order to compare since I'm a bit of a data nerd.
This is definitely not right as I didn't feel like I went an average of 11:56 minutes per mile.  This would be fast for me.
This feels like it was probably closer to correct.  I was pretty happy with this run. It was hot and sweaty but I felt good at the end. I'm thinking I'm prepared enough for the 10k next weekend.

I ended the week with some strength training and foam rolling on Sunday. So only 2 runs and one day of strength training this week. I'm hoping this week will go a bit better.  The plan is to run on Tuesday, strength train on Wednesday, run on Thursday, yoga on Friday and race on Saturday! Sunday is rest and I already have a massage scheduled :)

I hope everyone has a good week!