Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly review

Well, this is going to be a short weekly review.  Because I only worked out one day last week.  As I mentioned in my Friday Five post, I was sick for a lot of last week.  I thought I might be able to do some yoga or something Friday or Saturday, but it didn't happen.  So all I have is my Sunday run.

And it did not go well.  My training group was running at a location that was pretty far from me, about an hour drive according to Google Maps.  I'm sure it was beautiful but I just didn't want to go out that far.  So I decided to head back to the Capital Crescent Trail in Bethesda.  I was supposed to do 11 miles so my plan was to go 3 miles out and then 3 back so I could re-fill my water and then do another 5 miles to total 11.

Well, that didn't happen.  My knee hurt starting out but then settled down and started to feel better after a mile or so.  However, it started hurting again around mile 4 or 5.  My right foot started cramping around that time too.  And I had a really hard time with my breathing, which was probably left over from the illness.  I was surprised by the knee because I had rested it all week!  Maybe that's why it was having difficulty?  Anyway, I stopped at the 6 mile point.

I figure at this point, I'm ready for my 10 mile race in Disney World the first weekend of October.  I didn't want to push things and injure myself so close to the race. My plan between now and October 4th is to just do 3-4 runs during the week of shorter distances and more strength training.  And I'll finish getting ready for the Richmond half when I come back from Disney. 

The good news is that it has been a long time since I had a run this bad.  I felt good during last week's 10 miles and I felt good during the several runs before that.  I guess we all need a bad run every now and again to remind us that running is supposed to be hard.