Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekly Review

I kept up with the yoga this week but no running and you'll see why below.

Monday - Restorative yoga from the Runner's World website

Tuesday - Yoga fundamentals from the Runner's World website

Wednesday - Rest day

Thursday - 45 minutes on the elliptical instead of running since my left foot still hurt.

Friday - Rest day.  I already had an appointment for some routine tests so I figured I'd have the doctor look at my foot.  And he said I had a muscle strain in my foot :( and that he was almost positive it wasn't anything like a stress fracture.  So a good news/bad news scenario.  But he suggested I wrap it and ice it and he gave me some prescription strength anti-inflammatory pills to take.  I'm supposed to rest it for 7-10 days and then we'll see if it's better.  This meant no running on the weekend :( I asked if I could walk the 5k under the lights but he advised against it.  He pointed out that this is only 7-10 days but I could be out of commission longer if I push too much and it gets worse.

Saturday - Rest

Sunday - DDP yoga and an abs video.  I figured I could still do those without impacting my foot.

The doctor also gave me some feet exercises to do starting today so I'll be working on those and continuing to do the other things he suggested.  I think I'll also go for walks this week as long as my foot continues to improve.  And I'll ramp up the yoga and strength training.  That should be easy enough to keep up over Thanksgiving too.

Hopefully it will be better by the weekend and I can get back to running next week!