Monday, March 14, 2016

Oldfields Half Marathon training - week 1

Well, I had a great week!  The funny thing is that there weren't that many workouts.  For some reason, I just couldn't get running in this week until the race.  I think I had been thinking of RnR DC as my goal race for so long that it felt like a true taper week even though I'm actually still training for an April half.  Oh well, I did get in a lot of walking (met my fitbit goal every day) and had a wonderful time at the race!

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - rest day with an evening walk

Wednesday - yoga.  I tried a random yoga for runners video on You Tube.  I liked the routine but I didn't like the video itself since she used a voice over instead of talking during the video.  It felt weird not seeing her mouth move.

Thursday - rest day with another post work walk in the neighborhood.  And my first day with my new convertible standing desk!  I've been trying to stand for 30 minutes and then sit for 30 minutes and alternating that way.

Friday - Yoga in the morning and then walking around the expo and the city in the afternoon/evening.

Saturday - Race day!  It was perfect running weather and I had a great time.  Full review later but I already went ahead and signed up for next year since they have their $50 price going right now.

Sunday - Walking around the city before brunch, lots of foam rolling, and the recovery yoga from Runner's World in the evening.  All of which really helped because my muscles were a bit sore yesterday but I'm feeling good today.

Yummy brunch from Compass Rose.  I love that the creamer came in a cow shaped pitcher.

So that was my week!  I hope everyone else had a wonderful week too :)  I'm linking up with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap.