Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday Five - things I like about Summer running

Yay, it's Friday!  I'm looking forward to the weekend but first, it's time to link up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia for the Friday Five.  This week's theme is a free Friday to choose whatever we want to talk about.  So I'm going to talk about 5 things I enjoy about Summer running and use the poswer of positive thinking :)

1.  Cute animals - I've been trying to wake up early to beat the heat.  And morning runs in my neighborhood allow me to see lots of bunnies!  Also, a couple weeks ago I was running with friends at the town center and we saw a deer running across the street.

Ok, it's hard to get a photo of a bunny without scaring them off but he's there

2. AC feels amazing - I walked into the house and the air condition after my run this morning and it felt absolutely amazing.  I'm not sure I've ever appreciated air conditioning as much as after a hot Summer run.

3. Less gear - Winter runs require jackets and gloves and hats... I'm getting tired thinking of all that gearing up.  At least with Summer runs, less is better.  Clothes, running shoes, garmin, water and out the door.

4. Running for fun - I'm trying not to think about pace during the heat.  So instead, I do my best to just make the runs fun.  I make running dates with friends, appreciate the scenery, take photos, find random detours on my route to explore, stop for pokemon, whatever I can do to make it fun.

Caught this guy on my run this morning

5. Rewarding myself with iced chai - Ok, I know rewarding yourself with food is not a good habit.  And I try not to do it too much.  But there are some runs where the thought of an iced drink is all that keeps me going!  And lets not forget Summer races that have watermelon afterward.  Yum!

 So that's my 5 things that I enjoy about Summer running.  How about you, what are your favorite things about running in the Summer?