Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday 5 - Things to do when alone

It's Friday and it has sure been a long week over in my corner of the world.  I'm definitely thankful for the weekend, and for the Friday 5 2.0 link up with Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy.  I'm so glad these 2 bloggers decided to pick up the Friday 5 and host a new link-up!


Mike was at a concert on Wednesday that I didn't want to go to (mid-week and all that) so I had the evening to myself.  At first, I felt a bit lost with that alone time but then I began to relish the idea of some time alone.  So here are 5 things I like to do with alone time to fully enjoy it.

1. Food - I take the opportunity to enjoy food I like but that my husband doesn't.  The last time my husband was out of town for a couple days, I think I ate avocado every day.  Mike is allergic to it so we don't tend to have it at home otherwise.

My last solo meal out was at Roti...yum!

2.  Work out - it's nice to work out without the time pressure in the evening to get home, have dinner together, etc.  Don't get me wrong, I like having dinner together but just once in a while, it's nice to not have to worry about a schedule when working out in the evening.

Still resting my knee but I did take a leisurely walk on Wednesday and saw some fun decorations

3.  Music - I will admit that I have used occasional evenings alone to blast music and dance around crazily in the living room.  No photos of that one :)

4.  Cats - Kitty cuddles are always ideal but I admit to getting sillier with them when I'm alone.  Baby talk... not me!  Well, just when no one else is around to here anyway.

Being left alone with the cats may also result in them wearing costumes

5.  Cheat! - This week, I admit I cheated and didn't enjoy the alone time for long.  I invited a friend over, we got take out, and caught up with some girl time.  

How do you feel about alone time, great or not a fan?  And I hope a lot of you will link up with the new version of the Friday Five :)