Monday, January 20, 2014

Week in review

I had a decent week for running.  Tuesday was the first meeting with the Montgomery County Road Runners' beginning running group.  It started out with a meeting inside a local high school to talk about how the group would work, running in Winter, introductions, etc.  There are more than 75 people in the group so it's a lot of people!  I'll be writing about the group more in a future post once I have a few more runs in with them.  On this first day, we did get out to the track for a short run after the meeting.  I forgot to turn on my runkeeper app so I'm not sure of how far or pace.

I went to Ohio for the long weekend to visit my parents and brother.  It was freezing but thankfully my brother can take guests to his gym.  It was a super swanky gym with a pool, an indoor track, and even a movie theater you can work out in!  

The track running past a bank of windows
The track running past treadmills

Saturday, I ran on the treadmill while listening to podcasts about the recent marathon weekend at Disney World.  Around 2.4 miles in 40 minutes.

We went back to the gym on Sunday and I ran on the indoor track.  It was pretty cool because it ran around the other workout areas and you could see the machines, the pool, and the basketball court at various points.  I turned on runkeeper but it think it was having some GPS issues since I generally run much slower than this.

I also did some weights for my upper body and planks while at the gym on Sunday since I was too busy at work this past week for yoga.  Here's a photo of my brother working on his own weight lifting.

For this week coming up, I'm planning to run with the group on Tuesday and Saturday.  I'm a bit worried about Tuesday since it's supposed to be super cold again.  Thursday will be running on my own on the treadmill at the gym at work.  Wednesday and Sunday will be some sort of you tube or video workout.

I had a great time visiting family but I'm happy to be at home with purring kitties.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!