Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday five - valentine's day and love

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm linking up with the DC trifecta for another Friday Five post and the theme for this week is love.

So I'm going to talk about 5 things that I love, not necessarily in any order.

1. I'll start with my husband.  He is amazing and the perfect match for me :) He is thoughtful in so many little ways throughout the day.  
Last week, he saw a popcorn truck (how is that even a thing?!?) and knowing my insane love for popcorn, decided to stop and buy some kettle corn to surprise me with.

2. I love both my kitties, even though they can be difficult at times.  Perry somehow managed to open the cupboard where we keep the cat treats, drag out the bag of treats, chew through the bottom, and precede to feast.  He's kind of food motivated, if you can't tell.  Poor Shelby had dental surgery and needed pain medicine for a couple days.  We had to squirt in her mouth twice a day and she did not like it.  She shredded up poor Mike's hand.  She still has a shaved spot on her leg as that's where an IV was inserted.
You can see the shaved spot here.

3.  My parents and brother.  They're always supportive but also provide honest and constructive advice.  Plus, we always have fun together!
If you're from Ohio, you'll know what we're doing :)

4.  Friends, especially those that are keeping me motivated on this journey toward a healthier lifestyle by also taking part in a similar journey. This includes old friends as well as new friends like those I've met through the running group.

5. Last but not least,all of you!  I love that there is this entire community out there of runners, new and experienced, that are so supportive to newcomers.  I have learned so much from reading other running blogs. Thank you for letting me be part of your community.

What are you loving on this Valentine's Day?