Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly review

Time for a weekly review again. This week's running was pretty good. Tuesday was the last track workout with my running group. Winter couldn't let the group's last week go easy so of course there was snow.

Snow falling on the track.

But it was a 30 minute run so at least we weren't out there too long. It wasn't too bad except for when the snow was blowing directly in my face. The time below is a but off since I forgot to turn of runkeeper until after we finished out post workout stretch. So it was probably more like 40 minutes.

Thursday was a run on the treadmill at the office gym, 5 intervals of 5 minutes running to 1 minute walking. It went well.

And Sunday was the 5k goal race for our training group, the Piece of Cake 5k. I'll be doing a full review later this week. It went ok but the wind and rain did result in a slower time (by about 2 minutes) than the practice 5k we did a couple weeks ago. At least we finished running before the hail and I got home before the snow.  Whatever happened to March going out like a lamb!?!

I also got in yoga on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday.  A friend loaned Mike DVDs for DDP (Diamond Dallas Page) Yoga so we're giving that a try together.  I'm sure I'll be reviewing that as well once we've gone through some more segments of the DVD.

I have a similar plan for this week. Yoga on Monday, a run on Tuesday and Thursday, yoga on Friday, a 5k on Saturday (Ben's Run) and yoga on Sunday.

I hope everyone had a good weekend!