Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekly review

I had a decent week and hope you guys did too! Monday, was a rest day. Tuesday was cold and rainy but I did meet the running group for our Tuesday evening run. Everyone just felt like walking so that's what we did. Plus, I left after three laps since I didn't realize quite how cold it was going to be and was underdressed.

Wednesday was another rest day and Thursday was a treadmill run at the office gym.  But at least I got to follow it with a yummy dinner to catch up with an old friend.

Friday was yoga with Jillian Michaels from a video on YouTube. It kicked my butt and I felt it in my arms and shoulders the next day.

A friend had asked me to do the Capitol for a Day 5k with her on Saturday at the last minute.  It's one of the MCRRC low key races so it was free to members.  I agreed to support her in it and told her we could just go at her pace.  When she told me that morning she hadn't been running much recently, I knew we'd be walking a lot of the course.  That was fine with me since I decided to do my long run the  next day.  This was a really small race (around 250 participants) with a lot of kids participating, which was cool.  And a lot of food available afterward :)

I wore my new Xracer tank, which was awesome!  It has a mesh pocket for the bib and therefore didn't require any safety pins.  I won both the shirt and the socks in the raffle at the blogger brunch I went to last weekend.  I also did some strength training and hand stand practice later that day.

Sunday, I had a great run except for weird GPS problems so the runkeeper data is a bit off. I should have known something wasn't right when it kept auto-pausing because it thought that I wasn't moving.  I had to turn off auto pause but I think it didn't pick up some of the distance.

I was supposed to do 4 miles according to my 10k training plan.  I put the route in map my run when I got back home and it was 3.98 miles, so close enough. And at 3.98 miles, it turns into an average pace of 13:06 per mile, which makes much more sense than 16:14 since that's slower than the day before when we walked most of the course.  The split for mile 2 was 19:40 so clearly there was something wrong there.  But on the plus side, it was a beautiful run in spite of the few puddles and I felt good during it.

Sunday was finished off with errands and a baby shower where I got to see more old friends.

How was your week? Hopefully it went well!