Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bestowed subscription box

Argh... I've been behind on blogging this week and I apologize.  Just catching up on things from my little staycation last week and preparing for some upcoming trips has made things a bit busy.  This was meant to by a Tasty Tuesday post but instead it's Tasty... Thursday?  Thankfully Lena keeps the Tasty Tuesday link up open all week! There are some great recipes being shared so definitely check it out.

Instead of sharing a recipe this week, I'm sharing my opinion of the Bestowed food subscription box I received.  First, a bit of background on how I got this box.  Stacey shared a post about a new fitness tracking website/app called EveryMove.  It's interesting because as you earn points for being active, you can use them toward deals on various products.  It also syncs with other apps like fitbit, garmin, fitocracy, etc. so that's pretty convenient.  I feel like I'm getting deals with no extra work :)

One of the deals was a discount on a food subscription box called Bestowed.  I've been hearing about various boxes and decided that I might as well give this one a try at the discounted price.  From their website... "Join Bestowed and each month we'll send 7-10 of the best healthy snacks, beverages, and lifestyle items straight to your door. Every product we feature is carefully selected by our team of experts led by nutritionist Heather Bauer."

 Here is what the box looks like when it arrives.  It is $20 per month but if you sign up for three months or 6 months at once, you receive a little bit of a discounted price. The discount I received was 3 months for $36.
I opened it up and it also comes with a pamphlet explaining the items in the box and why they were chosen.

Here are all the goodies that it came with.  In addition to the food samples, there were several coupons such as a free cup of Maia brand yogurt.  And there was a bottle of sun block and a bottle of dishwashing soap, which I though was a bit random.

Back to the food... it was kind of a mixed bag.  I really liked the Peeled Apple Clusters.  They only had three ingredients, apples, apple juice concentrate, and potato starch, all organic.  They tasted healthy, which sounds bad but isn't.  It had a really intense apple taste which was nice.  There were two bags of Funleys Super Crackers and they were pretty good too.  The good greens bar is a raw, vegan and gluten free protein bar that was delicious!  I ate it for breakfast before my weekend run and it was a great source of energy.  The fruit mashup was fine.  But the Halo Seaweed Chips were horrible :( I could only eat one and Mike said the same.  We ended up throwing the rest away.  I didnt try the Orgain's healthy kids shake since Mike drank it but he didn't love that one.  He said it had a sort of gritty texture.

Overall, we liked more things then we didn't.  I'm definitely going to use the coupons to try the Maia yogurt and get more of the Peeled products and Funley's crackers.  I don't think I would have been happy with the value of this box if it had been full price but it's not bad at the discounted price.  It was a nice way to try out healthy snacks from companies that were new to me.  Also, I don't like the lack of flexibility.  I don't see anywhere on the site where you can customize or input any dietary restrictions.  For example, I saw that one of their past boxes had chicken broth which would have been a waste for me.

Have any of you tried a subscription box service in the past?  I'd love to hear what you thought of it.