Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekly Review

I had a wonderful weekend and am a little sad that it's over.  I hope you guys all had a great weekend too. My week started out a bit rough so my workouts were concentrated toward the end of the week and I missed a run again.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - DDP yoga

Thursday - speed work on the treadmill after work

Friday - strength training

Saturday - Jillian Michaels yoga meltdown.  For some reason, I thought I was ready to move on to workout 2.  It totally kicked my butt and I definitely still feel the workout in my thighs.  In addition to the work out, Mike and I decided to take a walk when we dropped the car off for servicing instead of just sitting in the waiting room.  It was around a mile and half.  Lastly, we went to a wonderful outdoor concert that evening and got in some dancing on the lawn.  It made it difficult to get up for my long run the next morning but it was worth it :)

Sunday - long run with the training group.  My plan was to do 7 today.  I finished and realized I had only done 6.6 according to the Garmin, so I went back out for a half mile cool down jog.  We were on a running path by the C&O canal and it was absolutely beautiful.  The Potomac River was on one side and the canal on the other.  I saw some Canadian geese as well as a flock of some beautiful white birds fishing in the river.  We also saw some buzzards!  The temperature wasn't too high but it felt really humid.  When I came home and looked at the garmin stats, it indicated that it was 97% humidity at the time of the run!

For this week, I have got to be better about getting all three runs in during the week!