Monday, August 18, 2014

Weekly review

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  My weekend turned out great and I had a pretty good week for workouts as a whole.

Monday - rest day
Tuesday - yoga class during lunch time.  This felt really great and helped loosen up my muscles.  There was a lot of core work and leg work.  We also worked on crow but I'm still too scared of falling on my face to get my feet off the ground.
Wednesday - rest day.  My knee was still a bit twitchy from last week so I decided to skip the speed work on the track. I just did some light strength training.
Thursday - short run in my neighborhood.

Friday - another short run, this time at a nearby park.

Saturday - DDP yoga with Mike at home.
Sunday - long run on the mall with a friend.  I had a great time running past the smithsonian museums and various monuments while catching up with my friend.  It ended up being a beautiful morning, not too humid, overcast, and it even sprinkled a bit which felt great.  It was mostly flat which also helped.  My friend was only planning on running between 3-4 miles so I did a bit more on my own afterward to make it to 6 miles.  The training plan only called for 6 miles this week since it was supposed to be a recovery week.

We had a lovely staycation this weekend.  The hotel we stayed at was phenomenal and located really conveniently to all of our plans.  The Tori Amos concert was amazing and we ate so much good food! I hope the upcoming week goes just as well :)