Monday, August 25, 2014

Weekly review

Sorry the blog has been light on posts last week but the same will probably be true for the next couple weeks too.  Work and personal life are a bit busy at the moment, all with good things. I did get in my workouts this past week but not all quite the way I wanted to.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - yoga class

Wednesday - this was going to be a track workout but it rained so I just worked out on the elliptical at home.

Thursday - I ran on the treadmill at work and did my speed work from Wednesday. I had a bit of a treadmill problem in the middle so there are two different records. By a bit of a problem, I mean I knocked my phone off the stand onto the moving part of the treadmill and it went fling off the back of the machine.  Thankfully neither the phone or any people were hurt! But I did have to stop the treadmill to retrieve the phone.

Friday - rest day

Saturday - I meant to get up early and do yoga but that didn't happen.  However, we were meeting up with some family in Philadelphia and I got some swimming time in with the kids.  I was racing them in the pool and that was definitely a work out! We also walked to Dave and Busters and back after some fun games for about a total of 2 miles.  I reached my 10,000 step goal for the day and then some with the extra walking.

Sunday - I was supposed to run 9 miles but it didn't happen.  I had left my running shoes in my cousin's room by accident and wasn't able to get them until they awoke.  At that point, I didn't have enough time before check out time to do the full amount.  However I got in 4.5 outside and did some more on the treadmill in the hotel gym once it got too hot for me outside for a total of around 6.5 miles.

We had a great time hanging out in Philadelphia with family.  It was a great mix of family time with the kids and adult time for us to catch up.