Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five - songs on my running playlist

This has seemed like such a long week!  I guess that's what happens after a couple short weeks when you're on vacation.  I am happy to see Friday and the Friday Five link up with Mar, Courtney and Cynthia.  This week's theme is Five Favorite Fitness Tunes.

My favorite running songs change up all the time.  But here are 5 that I'm loving right now :)

1.  Brave, by Sara Bareilles - It's a bit of a slower song but it does have a beat to keep me going as well as a message that I find really inspirational and helpful in pushing through on hard runs.

2.  Hooked on a Feeling, by Blue Swede - I got this one off the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.  I loved the movie and I loved how the soundtrack was integrated into it.  This is a fun little song that gives me a bit of a giggle when it plays.

3.  Am I Wrong, by Nico and Vince - This is another song that feels really inspirational to me.  I love the lyrics about finding your own way, trying to find something real, doubting yourself but coming to the realization that you've found the right path for you.  Or maybe I'm reading too much into the song:)

4.  Bad Girls - by M.I.A. - This one has a great beat and always makes me feel like moving when it comes on.  Plus, don't most of us have times when we want to feel a little bit like a bad girl (or boy)?

5.  I'm the One that's Cool, by The Guild - This one speaks to nerdy, high school me that was never into sports or athletics.  I'm still nerdy but I'm much more comfortable in my skin now :) It's still fun to listen to this one while running and think back to how that's something that 18 year old me could never have imagined doing for fun.

I'm always looking for suggestions to add to my play list!  I'd love to hear about your favorites.