Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekly review

Hope everyone had a good weekend!  It was mostly a relaxing weekend for me over here. It was definitely much needed as I felt like I was still recovering from our vacation at Disney World. Here's a recap of my workouts this week.

Monday - we walked around Epcot all day. My fitbit sadly ran out of battery on the trip so I don't have an actual count but I'm pretty sure it was at least 10 miles of walking based on the fitbit numbers from earlier in the trip. Goofy even shined my medal for me before the photo :)

Tuesday - we walked around the Magic Kingdom during the day before getting on our flight back home.

Wednesday - a half hour DDP yoga vide plus an extra 5 minutes of abs.

Thursday - ran 3.1 miles after work to use as my virtual race for the last part of the Nerd Herd virtual race trilogy, which was Hunger Games themed.  It was a beautiful evening but there was a lot of traffic and I had to keep stopping at various intersections for the traffic light to change.  But overall it was a good run though my legs still felt tired after the 10 mile race from Saturday night.

Friday - rest day for the most part. I had forgotten my knee brace on Thursday's run and I had no knee pain!  But I figured I better keep doing the PT exercises if I want that to continue to be the case.  So I did my hip and core exercises as well as a lot of stretching and foam rolling.

Saturday - rest day

Sunday - 11 mile run! It was chilly in the morning but it was beautiful and I warmed up quickly. I ran the first 6 miles with someone else in the training group but she was only doing 6 miles so I did the remaining 5 on my own. I listened to some music to help me push through and I was really happy with this run. I'll be doing a recap of the 10 mile race later this week but I finished this 11 mile run a minute or so faster than the 10 mile race! But that was a Disney race and it's not necessarily meant for a good time.