Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekly review

It's been a busy weekend here but we finished up with a relaxing evening at home Sunday night. The work outs went ok this week but I only got in two runs.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - below the belt video and an abs video

Wednesday - my foot was hurting a bit so this was a rest day

Thursday - ran on the treadmill after work

Friday - rest day

Saturday - DDP yoga and an abs workout, plus tons of dancing at a friend's wedding in the evening

Sunday - approximtely 6 mile run. Sadly, I forgot my Garmin and I was using runkeeper but my phone battery died before I finished the run so I don't have exact numbers. The run was ok.  I was feeling congested and it was super windy so the run felt tougher than usual. I think the true time was more around 80 minutes or so.  Runkeeper is counting all the time until I was able to plug the phone back in and get it charged up :(

I hope everyone has had a great week! And don't forget, I have a give away going for an Armpocket so please enter if you're interested.