Monday, December 15, 2014

Weekly review

My week was a mixed bag but there were definitely some good things in there.

Monday - Rest day

Tuesday - Strength training (lots of abs and lower body work, only push ups for upper body).  I've got to work on my upper body as well.

Wednesday - Rest day.  I was feeling under the weather and really congested, to the point that I felt like my balance was off.  So I skipped track work with my training group.

Thursday - I was mostly feeling better so I tried to get in the speed work on the treadmill after work.  It didn't go so well and while I did it all, it wasn't at the speed I should have been at.

Friday - I did some time on the elliptical at home.

Saturday - DDP yoga and a 15 minute abs video

Sunday - Saturday afternoon my under the weather feeling I'd had most of the week turned into a full on illness :( I was sick with muscle soreness and chills.  So I skipped the Jingle Bell Jog 8k and spent most of the day in bed and binge watched some Gilmore Girls on netflix.

So that was my week.  We did also see Interstellar at the theater Friday night (great movie) and had some friends over for dinner Saturday evening (before I realized quite how sick I was getting). So there were a lot of good spots but I'm worried about missing a long run.  Next week I'm getting together with the training group for the long run and I hope I can keep up.  I think right now I need to stop worrying about time and just run by feel for a little bit until I get back to where I was at the beginning of November.

I hope everyone else had a good week!