Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekly Review RnR DC - Week 12

Yikes, the Rock and Roll Half is in less than a week!  I can't believe how much it's snuck up on me.  My week went pretty well with work outs in spite of the snow and cold weather.  I front loaded my rest days since I was still sore at the beginning of the week from aerial yoga.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - The treadmills at the work gym were full so I was on the elliptical.

Thursday - Jillian Michael's Yoga

Friday - 5k on the treadmill at work

Saturday - Aerial yoga.  It was a different instructor this time and it felt like even more of a workout!

Sunday - Last weekend run with the training group.  We did 9 miles on Beach Drive.  It was a beautiful run, probably in the low to mid 30s with the lingering snow still covering the ground. I really enjoyed this run but completely forgot to take a photo.  The photo probably couldn't have captured the beauty of the run anyway but I was so happy to be out there and running outside again!

The run felt really tough on the way back and looking at the elevation map afterward, I remembered why.  I always forget that there's a gradual incline at Beach Drive so that the way back is an uphill the whole way.