Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tasty Tuesday - Vegan snickerdoodles

Mike and I were the ones to bring desserts for the camping trip we took a couple weeks ago so we decided to bake a bunch of cookies.  I wanted to make sure at least one batch was vegan so I went to my favorite vegan resource, Post Punk Kitchen.

And I found her recipe for vegan chai spiced snickerdoodles. I'm not going to pretend these are healthy, but they were delicious!  And surprisingly easy to make. These are a great option for a dessert that travels well, is vegan, and suitable for people with an egg or dairy allergy. I used almond milk so not good for nut allergies but it would be if you choose another type of non-dairy milk.

I'm not going to post the full recipe since I exactly followed her instructions from the website.  Definitely check out the website for this and other amazing recipes.  I've loved everything I've made from it. However, I'll talk about my experience making the cookies and things I might change next time.

The first step is to make the sugar and spice topping.  Next time I make these, I would increase the spices as I felt like the chai taste was pretty subtle.

Then you mix together the oil, sugar, syrup, and milk until it resembles applesauce. And then mix in vanilla.


You add in the rest of the ingredients and mix until you’ve got a fairly stiff dough. The recipe advises getting in their with your hands, so I did.  I felt like this was a work out to get all the flour mixed in!

Next, you form the cookies by rolling the dough into walnut sized balls and patting them into the sugar topping to flatten.

And voila!  Here are the finished cookies right out of the oven.  They were a big hit and most people felt like they wouldn't have known the cookies were vegan if I hadn't mentioned it.

The other thing I might try to change next time is to put some of the spices in the cookies themselves.  Like I said, the chai flavor was pretty subtle and I think it might help if some of the flavoring was in the cookie dough as well as in the topping.