Monday, June 15, 2015

Weekly Review

The week seemed to go by in a blink!  It was a fun but busy week.  I was at a conference for work during much of the week, hence the rest days in the middle.

Monday - Elliptical for a bit less than 45 minutes

Tuesday - Rest Day

Wednesday - Rest Day, plus some dancing at the Nelly, TLC and New Kids on the Block concert :)

Thursday - Rest Day

Friday - Jillian Michael's yoga

Saturday - Lawyer's Have Heart 10k.  I'll have a full review up later this week but the heat really killed me and it ended up being my slowest 10k ever.  The Garmin data is a bit short since the watch had a hard time getting satellite under the bridge where we started.

Sunday - So You Think You Can Dance exercise DVD.  The warm up and cool down had a good amount of stretching, which I needed since I was sore from the 10k for some reason.  And the actual work out part was fun cardio.