Monday, June 8, 2015

Weekly review

This week went by very quickly!  But it was a great week overall, especially because I had no problems breathing and didn't have to use my inhaler at all.

Monday - strength training. I've added in some upper body weight lifting since I had been neglecting my upper body and I'm hoping to change that.

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - elliptical machine for about 45 minutes

Thursday - elliptical machine for another 45 minutes

Friday - rest day

Saturday - morning run with a friend.  My Garmin died near the end since I had neglected to charge it but it was 4.5 miles according to my friend's watch and then we did a cool down walk for about another half mile. It was a beautiful morning and we even saw a deer while we were out there.

We also celebrated my birthday on Saturday since its on Tuesday this week.  We had dinner at China Chilcano, a Peruvian restaurant that showcases some of the Chinese and Japanese influences on Peruvian cuisine and followed that with court side seats at a WNBA game.

Sunday - Jillian Michael yoga and some gardening in the afternoon.  I keep forgetting how strenuous pulling weeds can be!

This week is a conference for work so most of my days are going to be spent sitting in hotel ballrooms.  But I'm hoping to at least get some workouts in during the week, Saturday will be the Lawyers Have Heart 10k and I'm planning on a barre class Sunday.