Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Five - workouts I've tried this year

It's Friday and that means it's time to link up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for the Friday Five!  The theme for the week is 5 things I've done this Summer.  I'm going to expand the topic a bit to talk about 5 different workouts I've tried this year.

 One of my goals for the year was to diversify my workouts and try some different things.  My specific goal was to try 3 new types of workouts, which I've already done.  But I'm going to try to keep going because I've really enjoyed the different workouts I've been trying!

1.  Running - not new of course but this is still my primary workout objective.  I ran my 2nd half marathon in March with the Rock and Roll DC half.  Since then, I've run two 10k's two 8k's, and several 5k's.  And in July, I started training for my third half marathon.  This is the first time I've trained for a half without a group.  I've been continuing to enjoy running and hope that continues to be the case.

2.  Aerial Yoga - I tried aerial yoga earlier this year with a coupon for 5 classes.  I really enjoyed it, it was so much fun that it almost didn't feel like a workout!  And it was extra fun because Mike and I did that one together. The one thing I didn't like about it was how early the classes filled up and therefore we had to book a class weeks in advance.

3. Pure Barre - Yikes, I just realized I never did a review of my Pure Barre classes.  Long story short, I enjoyed some teachers more than others but really felt like the classes were a great workout.  I could tell they were really working the places I wanted to concentrate on, hips, glutes and core.  But I didn't keep up with it after the discounted classes because of the price.  Just given the location and how often (or not) I would be able to go, it just wasn't going to work for me.

4.  Body Pump - So my next move was to join a gym.  I love the variety of classes this allows me to access.  The class I've really been enjoying so far is Body Pump.  I love being able to do the weight lifting in a class environment with direction.  And the upbeat music and fun instructors definitely help.  I feel like I'm learning a lot about weight lifting, which is something I have very little knowledge about otherwise.

5.  Bang Power Fitness - I tried this class out a month ago and absolutely loved it!  It was a high energy dance fitness class with constant movement.  I really felt like it was all the best parts about clubbing without the hassle.  I was having so much fun that again, it almost didn't feel like a work out.  And I just learned that I have a friend that takes these classes at one of the locations for the gym I belong to.  It's a bit further but so worth it.  I see a field trip out to her neck of the woods in the future so I can take another one of these classes, this time with a friend.

And I've been continuing yoga as well, and enjoying exploring new yoga teachers at the gym.  Anyone else try new workouts recently that you've enjoyed?