Monday, November 30, 2015

Weekly review

The Good news is that I'm feeling back to 100%!  The beginning of last week I was still feeling under the weather so my workouts were a bit slow but I'm good with that since I was spending a lot of time recovering before visiting family for Thanksgiving.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday - rest days.

Thursday - Yoga with Adrienne and a walk in my parents' neighborhood.

This was also Thanksgiving dinner with family.

Friday - A walk with Mike

Saturday - Elliptical at the hotel (I forgot to take a photo but I think it was around 30 minutes)

Sunday - I went down to the hotel gym but it was a small gym and all the machines were full :(  So I did more yoga with Adrienne in the hotel room.  It was the same 40 minute strength routine that I had done on Thursday since I really enjoyed it. 

We also threw a surprise retirement party for my dad this afternoon and I think he really enjoyed it. The Operation cake was my brother's idea and it tasted delicious!

So I'm planning on getting back to running this week since I'm feeling better.  The plan is running tonight, body pump on Tuesday, running on Thursday, body pump on Friday, yoga on Saturday and the Jingle All the Way 5k on Sunday.