Monday, March 7, 2016

Rock and Roll DC Half Marathon training - week 13

I hope everyone had a good week last week!  It went pretty well for me.  I did a lot of resting and icing for my foot and I think that worked out well.  Here's the details on last week.

Monday - rest, foam rolling and icing

Tuesday - rest, foam rolling and icing

Wednesday - Body Pump and a short warm up on the elliptical since my foot was feeling better.  I hadn't been to body pump in a while and I was sore until Friday!

Thursday - I started out on the elliptical and my foot felt good after 15 minutes so I moved over and did the treadmill for another 20 minutes.  

Friday - rest, foam rolling and icing

Saturday - Yoga by Adriene.  I did the soothe and stretch routine since I was still feeling a bit sore.

Sunday - The Pacer's St. Patrick's Day 10k.  I'll do a full review later this week but the short version is that I absolutely loved this race!  It had high energy but didn't feel too crowded after the first half mile, it was a beautiful scenic course, and it was flat for the most part.

So I think I'm ready for RnR DC this week! Given how sore I was from body pump last week, no body pump for me this week.  I think I'm going to try for a run on Tuesday and Thursday with some yoga on Wednesday.  And then walking around the expo on Friday and race day on Saturday.

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