Monday, July 25, 2016

Weekly Review

I hope everyone had a good week!  The week started out with a lot of rest for me as I was still feeling the heat from tubing the weekend before.  But I was back to 100% by Wednesday and the week ended strong :)

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - rest day

Wednesday - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred

Thursday - 40 minutes on the elliptical

Friday - 30 minute run.  I haven't been running after work on the weekdays because it's just been too hot.  So I decided to try something new and get up earlier on Friday and go for a run before work.  It went pretty well.  I didn't have so much time so only got in a bit more than 2 miles but at least I got out there!  I started around 6:30 and it wasn't too hot, though it definitely seemed to heat up a lot by the time I finished.

Friday evening, I went out to a silent disco with a bunch of friends.  It was perfect clubbing for people who like dancing but can't deal with a lot of the downsides of the usual club night.  It was early (7pm to 11pm) so I could still get to sleep at a reasonable hour.  You can control the volume on the music since the music is all through headsets.  Everyone gets their own headset, there are 3 DJs playing, and you can cycle between the DJs as you want on the headset.  It never felt too crowded.  And it was at a rooftop bar so there was a nice breeze and a beautiful view.  All in all, a great Summer evening :)

Saturday - rest day.  We also had to run some errands in Virginia so I got in a good pokemon walk (staying in the shade as much as possible) and brunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe.  Yum!

Sunday - Woke up early to meet a friend for a 4 mile run so that we could beat the heat.

And that was my week!  I think I'm hoping for something similar this week with strength training on Tuesday and Saturday, Running on Thursday, Friday and Sunday.  And my paces were slow this week but I've just determined that I'm ok with that.  Summer is going to be about just getting out there and getting the miles in at whatever pace I can do.

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