Monday, August 1, 2016

Weekly review

Well, another week over and time for my weekly review.  This week went pretty well as far as work outs go and I'm happy to say I finally got in all my planned workouts, 3 cardio and 2 strength training.  Plus a ton of walks.  It's been way too long since I've managed to do that so I'm happy with this week.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - Jillian Michael's 30 day shred at home

Wednesday - rest day

Thursday - I meant to go to they gym after work but it didn't happen.  However, I did manage to get in 30 minutes on the elliptical at home.

Friday - I woke up early again this week to get in 30 minute run in the neighborhood Friday morning.

We also went out in the evening and had some delicious tapas for dinner, as well as caught a bit of a local band playing outdoors at the town center while we went on a post dinner walk.

I was so hungry I ate the patatas bravas before taking a photo, but here are some stuffed peppers and a tomato salad.

Saturday  Mike dropped me off at the gym while he went to run errands.  So I got in a 20 minute warm up on the elliptical and then a body pump class.

Saturday night, we went to a yummy dinner at American Eats in the Ritz-Carlton at the Tyson's Galleria, followed by seeing Kurios by Cirque do Soleil.  We both loved the show and the dinner.

We split the macaroni and cheese appetizer, Mike has chicken and biscuits, and I have a bunch of sides as my dinner (fried green tomatoes, roasted beets with goat cheese, and wild mushrooms and seasonal vegetables in a mushroom sauce).  Plus they really themed everything well, down to bringing the check tucked into the pages of a classic American novel.

Sunday - I got up early to meet friends at a local 8k.  It was humid and hilly so I'm happy with my performance given those conditions.  I'll share more about it later this week.

So that's my week!  I hope everyone else had a good week too and another good week to come.  I'm linking up   with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin for their Weekly Wrap.

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