Monday, October 24, 2016

Race 13.1 Baltimore - training week 8

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  As I mentioned, I decided to rest last week so that hopefully my knee improved.  And I stuck to it hard core.  Basically, nothing during the week other than walks.  So I'm just going to share some photos of my week instead of the usual day by day summary.

Scenes from my walks this week

This ice cream is high protein, low sugar and it actually tasted good!  We were pleasantly surprised.

A fun night out in Baltimore Saturday to see Leslie Odom Jr. and the Roots in concert

And Sunday was my big return to running (ok, that may be overly dramatic since I had only rested for a week).  I met up with a friend to explore a new trail.  It was supposed to be partially paved and partially natural surface.  I wasn't sure what that meant but I figured it would probably be good for my knee to mix it up a bit.  And I know it's slower on trails so I figured I wouldn't worry about time this way either.  Well, this was definitely a trail.  It was a narrow path through the woods covered in roots and rocks in many places.  We also got lost, ended up on a completely different trail, and never found the paved section.  It was super slow but I figured that's ok for my first trail run :)

Even more important, I made it through the 6 miles without knee pain!  My knee feels ok today too.  It still hurts a bit when I go down stairs but that's about it.

So the plan for this week is 2 strength training sessions at home, yoga, one run on the track, one run on the treadmill, and hopefully then I'll be ready for 12 miles on the weekend for my long run!  Sunday, Mike and I are planning to go downtown to cheer on Marine Corps Marathon runners.

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