Monday, July 17, 2017

Heart Rate Training Week 8

Last week seemed to drag at the beginning since it was the first full week back at work after the 4th of July.  But it ended up being pretty busy and sadly I didn't get much blogging in.  I did however get almost all my workouts in so that's a win in my book!  Here are the details.

Monday - Rest day with a 20 minute walk

So many rabbits in my neighborhood!

Tuesday - Strength training.  I only got through half of my fitstar routine because my stomach was not feeling well this evening.  I was in the middle of a set of burpees when I decided to stop since my stomach felt like it was about to rebel.

Wednesday - Easy run in the morning and a 20 minute walk with a friend in the evening.


Thursday - Intervals at the gym after work.  It was a 5 minute warm up with 2 minutes in zone 4 and 1 minute recover times 8.


Friday - Strength training


Saturday - 6 miles with a friend.  The temperatures weren't as hot as they had been earlier in the week but the humidity still seemed pretty high and that made it tough.  We were in shade for most of the run and that really helped.  We also met friends in the evening for dinner and a nerdy dance show so it ended up being a late night for me.


Sunday - 3 mile easy run.  This was supposed to be a threshold run but I was struggling with a lack of sleep so I decided to just keep it easy.


We also drove down to North Beach after the run for a little day trip to the beach.


Here are my workout plans for this week.

Monday - rest day (and a concert in the evening!)
Tuesday - strength training
Wednesday - easy run before going to work in the morning
Thursday - interval run at the gym after work
Friday - threshold run
Saturday - strength training
Sunday - long run

I hope everyone else had a great week too!  I'm linking up with HoHoRuns and MissSippiPiddlin (and guest host Run With No Regrets) for the Weekly Wrap.