Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Heart Rate Training week 10

A day late since I just got back from my mini-vacation last night!  We had a great time in Williamsburg and the little get away definitely felt refreshing.  Here are the details of my week.

Monday - rest day with a 20 minute lunch time walk around the office.


Tuesday - strength training


Wednesday - Morning run for 3 miles.  It's getting light later which is sad but at least that means I can catch the tail end of the sunrise.


Thursday - Speed work on the treadmill.  I forgot to turn on the Garmin so I only have the treadmill data.  I knew I was supposed to do intervals of 2 minutes in zone 4 with 1 minute of recovery but it was hard to track the number without the garmin so I just went until I hit 3 miles.


Friday - Strength training


Saturday - Met up with a friend for a long run.  I was hoping to get around 7 miles but we ended up being super slow.  I'm not sure why as the weather was actually much better that it has been recently.  But I think the uphill on the way back was part of it.  At least I sped up each mile for the way back so that's something.


Sunday- A short 2 mile run before we went down to Williamsburg.  I was hoping for three miles but I was late getting out there since Shelby managed to knock the treats of the counter and they spilled out all over the floor.  It was a comedy of errors trying to clean it up while keeping the cats away and eventually I had to wake up Mike to come help.


So that was this week.  This is also the last week of the training plan I've been using for the heart rate training.  I feel like it's been really useful to figure out the heart rate zones, what each should feel like, etc.  It also seems like doing one, either speed work or a threshold run, per week works well for me but it felt like too much when I tried to do both per week.  I may alternate between those things when I get into marathon training.  The Hal Higdon plan I'm going to use just has threshold runs, but I do enjoy the speed work on the treadmill.  I'll have to figure that out and see what works better.  I know that I do want to try and keep the majority of my training (around 80%) in the easy run zone.

I'll write more about our trip to Williamsburg a little later in the week.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  And if you have tips for whether to do speed work, tempo runs or both during marathon training, I'd love to hear it.