Monday, March 12, 2018

National Women's Half Training - Week 5

Well, there wasn't much to report on the work out front last week sadly.  My foot is still giving me problems but I did go to a doctor.  The details of the week are below.

Monday - rest day, which was much needed after the 10k on Sunday. I also worked from home so I didn't have to deal with trying to put a shoe on my foot. 

Tuesday - Another work from home and true rest day for my foot.  It was elevated for most of the day and iced off and on.

Working from home includes kitty breaks

Wednesday - Body pump with a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical.

Thursday - 45 minutes on the elliptical

Friday - strength training at home, plus I spent almost half the day at various medical appointments.  I had a follow up PT appointment, a mammogram, and an appointment to see my doctor about my foot.  She got an x-ray and it showed that it's tendinitis and not a stress fracture, yay!  She is concerned that it's lasting so long (as am I) so she scheduled me to see a podiatrist this week.

We also went out in the evening to see A Wrinkle in Time.  I loved this book as a kid and was really excited to see the movie.  I know it hasn't had the best reviews but I really liked the movie.  I liked the casting for the kids (especially Charles Wallace) and that the movie captured the themes of the book well. Oprah was a miss for me in this movie just because it's hard to hear and see her and not think Oprah.

Dinner at Nandos before the movie, I love that they have so many veggie ootions

Saturday - Rest day plus some errands and shopping.  Sadly, my foot started hurting again after the shopping.  It wasn't exercise but I guess the sustained amount of time on my feet just tired it out or something.  We took it easy in the evening and watched another movie, this time Moonlight on Netflix.  It was a really beautiful movie, hard to watch at times but really well done.

Sunday - Rest day.  I took another day off to give my foot time to calm down.  Mike and I exchanged anniversary gifts (I got a new Ipad and Mike got a tattoo consultation).  I also spent time writing more get out the vote postcards and tried to come up with as many animal puns as I could :)

So that was last week.  I'm not sure what to do this week.  I may try to just do strength training and avoid cardio entirely until I see the podiatrist to see what they recommend.  I feel like the reason it's lasted so long (more than 3 weeks now) is because I kept running as soon as it felt a little better the first two weeks.  This past week of no running does seem to have made it a little better so hopefully a week of no cardio on my feet will finish the healing? 

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