Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five

So here are five things I'm excited about on this cold Friday :)

1. It will finally be above freezing again tomorrow! It might not be much above freezing but every little degree counts.

Bundled up to face the cold

2. I'm going to have my first non-track run with the MCRRC beginner running group tomorrow. I'm definitely excited about getting out there with them and see how running with a group goes.

3. Since the group track runs are on Tuesday, I'm going to switch my running days to Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  That means no more yoga classes at work as they're only on those days. Instead, I'm going to try out the weight classes that are at lunch time on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'll miss yoga but I'm looking forward to trying something new.

4. We've paid off the last of my husband's student loans. We had a decadent dinner and trip to see the Hobbit to celebrate.

5. Lunch plans for tomorrow include making my favorite grilled cheese sandwich. Yum!  I'll be blogging about it soon :)

What are you guys excited about today?