Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly review

I had a pretty good week for running. Monday was a rest day and Tuesday was a track day with the running group. I went at a slower pace than usual since I was feeling a bit under the weather.  We did 24 minutes with one walk break.  At one point, there were two deer who wandered out of the woods next to the track.  It was beautiful to pause for a second and watch them against the snow.  They wandered off soon enough with all the people and noise.

We got a lot of snow Wednesday night into Thursday morning and both of those days ended up being rest days for me, though one of them was supposed to be strength training.  Plus, my husband and I were having a "staycation" for the long weekend and there was last minute packing on Thursday while Mike shoveled the driveway.

Friday was a run on the treadmill at the hotel gym.  It was 4 intervals of 5 minutes running to 1 minute walking.  I did pretty well through all the intervals.  And I had a new book I was reading on my nook so it helped the time go by of the treadmill.  Saturday was strength training at the hotel gym using a routine a friend gave me.  I was sore the next day but it felt like the right amount of sore and I'll probably be back to normal by tomorrow.  Sunday was more treadmill running.  This was 6 intervals of 7 minutes running to 1 minute walking.  It was tough.  Intervals 2, 3, and 4 were closer to 6 minutes running and 2 minutes walking.  I did remember to take a photo that day.

I think that's around an average of 16 minutes per mile.  I've been around 14 and a half minutes per mile in the past so I'm not sure what happened here.

The plan for this week is running on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday plus strength training on Wednesday and Sunday.

We had a lovely time with our staycation downtown in spite of the snow, but I am glad to be back home with a warm kitty in my lap and catching up on blogs.  I hope all of you had a good week!