Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday Five - Spring forward

Yay, it's Friday! I am so excited since I have a lot of relaxation time scheduled for this weekend :) And of course, Friday also means it's time to link up with the ladies from the DC Trifecta.

This week's theme is the seasonally appropriate "Spring Forward." I am excited about a lot of things coming up this Spring and happy to share five of them :)

1. Running - I've got a local charity 5k in April, Ben's Run and the Semper Fi 5k in May . June will be my first race longer than 5k, the Lawyer's Have Heart 10k .

2. Volunteering - I will have my first 2 race volunteer experiences. The first is at a local marathon this weekend and the second is at the Nike Women's Half in April. I'm sure I'll be writing about both of those.

3. Birthday - My birthday is in early June and Mike always does a great job of making it special. This year, he's gotten us tickets to see Mos Def in concert since he's one of my favorite musical artists and we also have tickets to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center. I've wanted to see that show for a while, so I'm glad it's going to happen this year.

4. Vacation - Vegas! Mike and I are planning a long weekend trip to Las Vegas over Memorial Day. We just booked the air and hotel package so I'm super excited as that always makes it seem more real.

Edited IMG_0789
Flowers and outdoor dining, more good things about Spring

5. Gardening - One of the things I looked forward to about having a house was being able to garden. Last year was the first time I've had a garden and I've learned some valuable lessons I'm hoping to implement this year. But I love having fresh herbs just outside I can use for cooking since they're so expensive in the store and don't last long. Also looking forward to vegetables from the garden.

I hope everyone else has had a good week and a fun weekend ahead! Anything special you're looking forward to?