Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Belated weekly review

I'm a little late on my weekly review since we got home from camping yesterday and I was exhausted. But better late than never!  I had a good workout week, though not a lot of photos.

Monday was strength training.  Tuesday and Thursday were yoga classes during my lunch hour.  I'm lucky enough to work in a building with a gym that offers classes, including yoga on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I hadn't been going since January since my beginning running group met on Tuesday evenings. Now that my new training group meets on Wednesdays, I'm able to get back to these classes. I definitely felt them in my thighs and abs later in the week!

Wednesday was my first run with the new training group.  It was above 90 degrees and humid for my first track workout.  I felt like I was going to die but I made it through and that felt great.  I did 2 laps at an easy pace for a warm up. Then it was laps at a faster pace.  For the beginning half marathon plan, it was three laps, 2 minutes walking, 2 laps, 2 minutes walking, 1 lap, and then ending with a cool down.  It went well but I'm definitely the slowest person in the group. Here's the garmin information.

So about 2 miles, closer to 2.5 with the warm up and cool down. The average pace is 11:24 which includes the times spent walking. This is pretty good for me since I did the 10k in a bit less than an average of 13 minutes per mile.

I also ran on Saturday but that wasn't as successful. I was supposed to do 3 miles but only did around 2. The terrain was a bit rougher than I expected and it included tree roots, gravel, hills etc. it was much more tiring than a normal run on paved areas. I also wasn't sure of the area so I kind of did laps in the same areas.

Friday and Sunday were rest days but we did a lot of walking/hiking and were definitely active while we were out there.  According to my fitbit, I exceeded my 10,000 step goal on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The plan for this week is strength training today, track work Wednesday, yoga and a run on the treadmill on Thursday, rest day on Friday, yoga on Saturday and my first long run with the group on Sunday.