Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekly review

I had an interesting week and all the workouts were concentrated toward the end.  I unfortunately ended up skipping a run so only got two in this week.

Both Monday and Tuesday ended up being rest days because I was super exhausted at the beginning of the week for some reason.  I was still exhausted on Wednesday and ended up skipping my track run with the group for just doing some DDP yoga at home.

Thursday was another rest day since I left early to drive up to New Jersey.

Friday morning I woke up early and ran arpund the neighborhood by my uncle's house.  I only had a certain amount of time since I was on kid watching duty starting at 7:30 so I only got in 2.8 miles instead of the planned 3.  But overall it was a good run.

Friday afternoon, I took the kids rock climbing and boy, was that a workout!  It was much harder than I expected but it was really enjoyable. The kids had a great time too and got a chance to work off some energy.  I don't have any photos since I forgot to take my phone.  Blogger fail.

Saturday, I did my long run at a park near my uncle's house with some great trails. I was doing a virtual 10k this week and the training plan called for 6-7 miles, so they worked well together.  The trails were super tough though. My first 10k was around 1 hour and 19 minutes while this one was 1 hour and 32 minutes!  There were a lot of elevation changes plus the fact that the terrain was really varied.  There was gravel, sand, and dirt as well as asphalt.  After about 4 miles on the trails, I ended up doing the rest on a paved loop and you can see the variance in my pace.  Going around in circles wasn't as interesting as the trail but much easier!

Saturday afternoon I took the kids bowling so that was some more activity there as well.

I ended the week on Sunday with some Jillian Michael's yoga and then drove back home.  It was a fun but exhausting week but I had a great time hanging out with my niece and nephew (my cousin's kids).  I can't believe how old they've gotten.  He's definitely getting to be a teenager!

I hope you all had a great weekend :)