Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday five - Fall preview

Wow, it seems crazy that it's already Labor Day weekend! The summer has flown by and this week has flown by too.  It's already time for another Friday Five with the DC Trifecta, Mar, Cynthia and Courtney.  This week's theme is a Fall Preview.

1.  More camping!  We're going to have a weekend away camping with friends.  One of the people joining us is a running buddy so I'm excited to have a run planned along a state park trail while we're camping.

2.  I have a work conference coming up and it's in Sao Paulo.  That's right, Brazil!  I am mostly there for work so I won't have too much time to play tourist but hopefully I'll get to see a little bit of the city.

3.  One of my favorite things about Fall in this area is the Renaissance Festival in Maryland.  We enjoy the opportunity so spend the day outside with friends checking out the fun shows and shops.  Of course, there's always great photo opportunities and food on a stick!

One of the fun shows we saw at last year's Renaissance Festival.

4.  My first Run Disney race, my first 10 miler (my longest race to date), and my first racecation! I am so excited for this.  I'm doing 9 miles this weekend so I should definitely be ready to finish this race but there are still some nerves.

5.  Lastly, we're getting a new kitchen.  We picked out cabinets and counter top last weekend and we're in the process of choosing appliances.  The work will start in a couple weeks and then we won't have a kitchen for a while.  It will be an adventure trying to eat healthy during that time.  If anyone has any tips, I'd love to hear them.  We'll have a microwave and grill but no refrigerator.

I hope everyone else has a wonderful Fall ahead of them!