Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekly review

I'm back from camping and back from Brazil and ready to get back into blog world a bit :) I had a productive time in São Paulo but it was mostly work. I had one day free of work and managed to take a city tour that day as well as hang out a bit by the pool. The travel was exhausting though as it was around a 14 hour flight and included an overnight on the plane.  Therefore, I only got one run in while I was there and it was pretty short.

Monday - rest day, left to go to Brazil

Tuesday - rest day but I got some walking in on the city tour

Wednesday - treadmill at the hotel gym.  It confused me a bit since it was in kilometers and not miles so I was kind of guessing at speed.  This is around 1.7 miles so around a 16 minute per mile pace (I think).

Thursday - rest day as it was a full day of meetings and then another overnight flight home.

Friday - rest day since I was exhausted by the time I got home around noon.

Saturday - DDP yoga plus an extra core workout video. I still feel it in my abs whenever I laugh or cough!

Sunday - it was a recovery week on my training plan so it was a 7 mile run.  I can't believe that I almost said "only" 7 miles.  Who am I?!?  This run went really well.  We started at 6:30am so it was fairly cool. I forgot my knee brace and was a little worried when I began to feel twinges in my left knee and hip, but after the first mile I felt good and was able to do the whole run with my planned intervals and no extra walk breaks.  I feel like the core and leg PT exercises have really helped with this!  I was really happy with today's run and pace, even though it was a hilly route and there was a tree across the road at one point.  I'm feeling confident going into my first double digit run next weekend.

I hope everyone has a good week ahead of them!  I'm going to be playing catch up at the office but hoping to do yoga on Tuesday, run on Wednesday and Thursday, yoga on Friday, walking at the Renaissance  Festival in Saturday and my 10 miler Sunday.