Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Year in review

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and that 2015 is starting out well for you.  As 2014 is over, I felt that this would be a good time for a quick look back at some numbers around last year's running.

437.69 miles (not counting treadmill or elliptical) - so I didn't realize until today that you can manually log treadmill miles in the garmin system. Hopefully next year I will have a more accurate tally of miles run.  But combining runkeeper and garmin, I had 437.69 miles run this year.  I probably had more than 500 if you add in the treadmill miles.

14 races - 10 5ks, 1 8k, 1 10k, 1 10 miler, 1 half marathon

My one and only 8k so far

3 virtual races (2 5ks and 1 10k)

2 volunteer experiences at races

Volunteering at the Nike Women's Half in DC, still sad that won't be happening this year.

1 time spectating at a race, Marine Corps Marathon

PRs (lots of insta PRs since this was my first year of running)
  • 5k at Semper Fi 5k (38:54)
  • 10k at Lawyer's Have Heart 10k (1:18:52)
  • Half Marathon at the Richmond Half Marathon (2:57:33)
So that's my look at 2014 and I'll have a couple posts coming up to look ahead at 2015 goals and races.