Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Update on foot injury

Well, I have some good news from my visit to the podiatrist.  I don't have a stress fracture or plantar fasciitis.  It is still just a muscle strain in my foot (specifically the abductor hallucis muscle)  and he is not surprised that it isn't fully healed yet.  He expects that it may take another 4-6 weeks to be fully healed.

The podiatrist said that he's going to give a lot of the same recommendations he does for plantar fasciitis... always wear supportive shoes, no walking barefoot, ice, stretch, massage and some strengthening exercises.
My best friends for now, a frozen water bottle, a foot massager I got for Christmas, and recovery sandals I got last year so I can walk around the house with good arch support.

As far as running, he said that I can keep doing it but that I should cut down the mileage.  The running isn't making the injury worse but it is slowing the healing. So I'll go out for the long run with the group on Sunday but I'm just going to do 6-7 instead of the 11 that they'll be doing.  Even with the cut back, I think I should still be able to do the Rock and Roll half marathon in March with a slow increase in miles and cross training.

I think this is positive news and I'm happy to at least have ruled out some more serious problems.