Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Review RnR DC - Week 4

Well, this was an interesting week, mostly due to the weather.  It was cold and snowy to start with and it looks like this week is going to be similar.  But I did get my workouts in, so that's a plus.

Monday - rest day

Tuesday - strength training.  The coach of our running group is sending us a strength training work out every week and it's helping me keep things fresh since I'd been doing the same strength training workout routine. Between this and the 40 minutes of shoveling, I was definitely sore the next day.

Wednesday - Elliptical for 43 minutes. Our running group cancelled the track workout since there was still ice on the ground and the temperatures were so cold.

Thursday - treadmill at the work gym.  I did Wednesday's speed work on the treadmill today, 1 1200, 2 800s and 3 400s.

Friday - rest day, and I was glad for it!

Saturday - 55 minutes DDP yoga and I also managed an unassisted headstand again for a couple seconds.

Sunday - 7 mile long run on Beach Drive.  I cut down my mileage per the podiatrist.  It was around 15 degrees when we started so super cold.  

At one point someone told me I had icicles in my eyelashes!  My water froze and my phone stopped working around mile 2.5 :( it had plenty of battery so that wasn't the problem.  Has anyone else encountered this and found a solution?  It was kind of cool running without music and just listening to my breathing and footfalls, especially in the peace of the cold morning with snow on the ground.  But I'd prefer to be the one choosing whether I have music or not, not leaving the choice to my phone.