Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Five - useful blog posts

This has been a long week!  But it's Friday and I'm excited as my parents are coming into town to visit for the weekend.  My dad and I are planning on doing a 5k together tomorrow and since Pike's Peak was short on volunteers, he's volunteering at Sunday's 10k while I run the race.  But before we get to the weekend fun, it's time for the Friday Five link up with Mar, Cynthia, and Courtney. Today's theme is blogs to love, and I decided to focus on specific blog posts that I've found really useful recently.

1. Fit, Focused and Fun Finds from Fitful Focus - I love these posts by Fitful Focus where she scours the internet for us and finds some of the most interesting reads!  I always seem to find great information here as well as entertainment :)

2. Don't be too busy from Eat, Pray, Run, DC - I loved this recent post.  I think most of us get caught up in the cult of being busy sometimes and it's hard to let go but this is definitely something I'm working on! I've been trying to really think before saying yes to things and feeling more comfortable just saying no if it's not something I can/want to do. This was a great reminder.

3.  Meatless Mondays from Confessions of a Mother Runner and Tina Muir - This is another link up that I love!  I'm a vegetarian and sometimes it's hard to keep finding new recipes to stay inspired to cook healthy food at home instead of stopping for take out.  This link up always has great ideas that sound delicious!

4. Advice for running attire in different weather from Runaway Bridal Planner - I find that I've consulted this post several times when I look at the forecast and see rain called for my next race.  In fact, I looked at it again yesterday when I saw that there's probably going to be rain on Sunday morning's 10k.  This post has been very useful!

5. The importance of a strong core from Marathon Training Academy - This is a podcast I listen too and recently checked out their blog as well.  I highly recommend them as they have some great information and tips on both the weekly podcast and the blog.  Here's the podcast description from their website.  "The Marathon Training Academy Podcast was started in 2010 to inspire and empower everyday people to live healthier lives and achieve fitness goals by unleashing their marathon potential. The show features actionable training wisdom delivered in a funny and relatable style. Co-hosts Angie and Trevor want you to believe that you have what it takes to run a marathon and change your life!"

I hope everyone has a great weekend ahead of them!  If you've found any useful things on the internet recently, I'd love to hear about it.