Monday, July 27, 2015

Wine and Dine Half Marathon training - week 3

This week's training went ok for the most part.  I continue to struggle with the heat but I'm doing what I can and staying active.  I'm just trading in some inside time for time spent outside running.  Oh, and I've joined Instagram :)  Feel free to follow me here.

Monday -rest day

Tuesday - It was in the 90s and really humid when I got home from work, so I made a last minute decision not to go to the track.  Instead, I spent around 40 minutes on the elliptical.

Wednesday - 1 mile walk in the neighborhood plus strength training - I did 3 sets of the below circuit.

So many bunnies and pretty flowers on my walk!

Thursday - Ran on the treadmill at the gym, but this was a new treadmill and I accidentally stopped it half way through so I didn't get all the data.  It was about a total of 30 minutes and a bit more than 2 miles.

Friday - I stayed inside again and did a bunch of dance workout videos from You Tube. They were all short 4-5 minutes, so I did 6 of them and felt like I got a good workout in.

Saturday - rest day, though we had a fun date night with dinner and a play.  We ate at Sticky Rice on H Street, which has awesome veggie sushi, and saw one of the Capital Fringe plays.  We also went ahead and joined a gym, which I'm excited about.

Tater tots and sushi...yum!

Sunday - Went running with friends on a new trail by my friend's house.  It was fun to explore, we crossed a random stream, ran up some stairs we found a couple times (I did the Rocky pose at the top), and generally had a good time.

I forgot my garmin so went back to Runkeeper.  It seems like it was a bit inaccurate as my friend's GPS watch had us at 5 miles.

The section where the pavement ended and we crossed a stream

Sweaty selfie

Overall, we had a great week but it was definitely busy.  This week is going to be the same.  We're flying to Ohio for a wedding on Friday but I should still be able to get all my workouts in :) I hope you had a great week!  Anyone else spending more time inside than out with this weather?