Monday, October 19, 2015

Wine and Dine Half Marathon training - week 15

I'm still having a hard time getting back into my normal workout routine after the 2 weeks of traveling.  Last week was also complicated by some sinus difficulties.  So sadly, I don't have a lot to report.

Monday - planned rest day

Tuesday - meant to go to body pump but had a sinus headache almost all day

Wednesday - still had a hard time breathing but decided to at least go for a walk so I had time on my feet. It was a little over 30 minutes and 1.85 miles.

Thursday - I packed my bag to go to the gym after work, got there and into the locker room, and realized I had forgotten my shoes.  I also had some plans later in the evening so didn't have time to go home and retrieve them. So another walk this evening since I could do that in my work shoes.  But on the plus side, it was a beautiful walk around Dupont Circle and it reminded me how lucky I am to live in the DC area. It was a beautiful evening with lots of people out and about.  I didn't even track this one, just enjoyed being out around town.  But it was around 30 minutes.

Friday - Another rest day

Saturday - Finally, I got a run in!  This was an 11 mile long run.  I really struggled for parts of it but I think that's because I had forgotten that the Capital Crescent Trail is a long gradual decline going south and a long gradual incline going north.  So I felt great on the south bound portions but horrible on the north bound portions, which you can pretty much tell from my splits as they are all over the place.  Also, my garmin was a bit off the first mile according to the mile markers so I think it was more like 11.3 or 11.4 miles total. I ended with around a half mile cool down walk and there was an outdoor art exhibit going on in Bethesda so that made for a nice walk.

The weirdness in the elevation map at the beginning is the portion where my Garmin seemed to be off

I was not happy to see this during the run!  Thankfully just the sign and not the owl

Happy to be done, and the final average pace is what I was shooting for.

Sunday - Yoga in the morning and then a trip to the Renaissance Festival with friends for a lot of walking in the afternoon. 

So hopefully this week will go better.  And this weekend is the Marine Corps Marathon.  Last year I was a spectator and cheered people on.  This year I'm doing the 10k with a friend and really looking forward to it.