Wednesday, November 4, 2015

MCM Expo Swag and race dots review

I mentioned in my MCM 10k review that I had bought several things at the expo. And of course, I got the race shirt and medal.  So I thought I'd share some photos of the stuff I picked up.

I didn't love the race shirt since it has a mock turtle neck.  And it's tight in the chest area but loose in the midriff section so the fit just doesn't work for me that well.  Which is fine, because I have a pile of race shirts I've started to use for getting a quilt made at some point.

So I bought this weird jacket/shrug thing.  We saw it once, thought it was cool, and then went back again to look at it a second time.  We both really liked it, the fabric feels soft, and there are gloves built into the sleeves for your hands when they're cold.  I love the functionality of it.  My friend wore hers for the MCM 10k and she said it worked really well.  In addition, she was able to tie it around her waist once she got warm and she said it stayed put really well.

Lastly, I we both bought some race dots too.  These weren't even on my radar before the expo but the guys selling them at the booth were doing a really good job.  So they got our attention and then explained the product really well.  So I bought a set with the DC symbol on them.  There are 4 in a package and they are magnets to use to keep your bib on instead of safety pins.

You can see in the photo below that there are 2 parts to each race dot.  The part with the hole goes below your shirt and the other part goes on top of your bib.  The nub on that part should fit through the hole on the bib and match up with the hole on the bottom part of the race dot.

There was a bit of a learning curve.  I had a hard time putting them on the morning of the race because they kept sticking to each other!  In the photo above, I couldn't put the 2 pieces any closer together or they would fly together and stick.  But the fact that the magnets are so strong is what makes this work.  They stay put like a charm during the race.  I kept checking because I was worried they would fall off but they didn't budge at all.  And I was also worried that the magnets under my shirt might rub or be uncomfortable but I didn't feel them at all.

So my opinion is that I really liked them but I hope I get better at putting them on!  For this first time, it definitely took me longer than it would have if I had just used safety pins.  But I like that they're reusable and that there are no holes in my shirts.  And they're easy to store.  Since they're magnets, I just keep them on the refrigerator.